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Our furniture and decorative accessories blend the unique craftsmanship and raw materials of South-East Asia with tasteful, contemporary styling. The results are one-of-a-kind creations which cater to a selective clientele. When considering how they will decorate their homes and offices, our customers typically look for quality, a sense of timelessness, and a connection to nature. At Arteak Interiors we have been designing and importing handmade products with this focus in mind since 1989. It is this marriage of elements we strive for.

A lot of our pieces are newly constructed from reclaimed teak and other tropical hard woods found on the island of Java. We use wood primarily from the demolition of old homes, thereby reducing the need to cut down more trees. Typical materials include old doors and doorframes, support beams, decorative window frames, decorative wall panels, and rice mortars. We even utilize old farming tools. In some instances the wood used to make our furniture comes from trees that were cut down well over 100 years ago. Most pieces have furthermore been designed and handcrafted by a skilled wood carver; in a labor-of-love process the creation of one of these items can take over a month.

Our selection includes living room furniture, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, sideboards, armoires, media units, book shelves & wall units, benches, trunks, bedroom furniture, desks and office furniture, lamps, rugs, mirrors, art and textiles, as well as decorator accessories. We also offer a wide selection of patio furniture and garden sculptures.

Our Valued Customers and Interior Designers keep coming back. There's no better place to find those unique pieces and special touches for your creative interior design project. We hope you enjoy viewing our furniture as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you!



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