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The head of the Sailing Crew is a man by the name of Turk. All patrons of the Harbor Cafe know Turk and can count on him to grace them with his presence bright and early everyday. Turk is 80 years old and has frequenting the restaurant since 1960. The Turk (originally from Turkey) is keeps everyone in line and is irresistible to the kids. The Harbor Cafe is lucky to have the support of Turk and the rest of the "Monday Morning Crew." Every Monday morning, the Cafe is home to some of the Santa Cruz's finest. These lovely people and many other regulars are the reason why the Harbor Cafe has maintained its uniqueness for over 50 years. The Harbor Cafe is truly a representation of the community.

With the constant addition of new establishments in this ever evolving Santa Cruz community, the Harbor Cafe has maintained an original local feel that is very comforting. Owner Max Corwin states, "It amazes me every time I talk to a a new person about the Harbor Cafe and they tell me, 'Oh yeah, the Harbor Cafe...I've been coming here for over 40 years...' The amount of experiences shared throughout the years at the Harbor Cafe is over half a century! Imagine all of the life and movement, constant burners, humming refrigerators and human emotions people shared every day and to this day at the restaurant. The Harbor Cafe is a beautiful beast, fueled by the community day in and out. It is an honor to be part of the growth of such a historical part of Santa Cruz."

From 2000 to 2003, Max Corwin and Daniel Voskoboynikov worked for Jerry Ritchie at the Harbor Cafe. In January 2006, Max and Dan took over ownership of the restaurant. Since then, they have made many changes to improve the restaurant. However, nothing too drastic and nothing without approval from the Awesome "Monday Morning Crew."



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Harbor Cafe

535 7th Ave
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(831) 475-4948
Mon-Sun 8 am - 2 pm
Santa Cruz
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