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Ariel Thiermann, M.A. is a singer, songwriter and voice coach specializing in creativity and self-expression.  For over 15 years Ariel has coached groups and individuals towards greater vocal freedom, creative confidence and personal empowerment. Releasing six albums spanning 20 years of her work as a musician, Ariel has been drawn to the transformative power of harmony and the musical traditions from around the world.  In the words of one critic, she moves in the territory “once occupied by such icons as Joan Armatrading and Laura Nyro.” Performing music of “depth and passion married to nuanced musical arrangements.”  Ariel has performed and taught throughout the US and internationally, both solo and with her award winning a cappella trio Mayim. In 2011, Ariel completed her M.A. in Psychology and published her thesis on the therapuetic benefits of voicework (singing, vocal improvisation, and songwriting) for individuals and groups.

Ariel offers private voice and creativity coaching, singing circles, team workshops, and performance classes for all ages. Ariel's Get Vocal studio is located in Santa Cruz, California.



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