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The Fish Lady, Simply the Best when it comes to just about anything you would serve at your table! Our gourmet fish, meat, and poultry market is family owned and has been open for business since February 1995. We take tremendous pride in our personalized service and expertise in providing the highest quality items, you never know what you may get from a larger chain, and where your seafood is coming from these days, but at the Fish Lady, you will always know exactly what you’re serving. When it comes to Beef, the very same thing applies, Certified and Prime Cut Angus beef, which we cut, prepare, and vacuum pack for freshness in a variety of Marinades. A Santa Maria tri-tip, Marinated Skirt Steaks or even Prime Rib are big favorite’s for all our meat lovers as well. Our chickens are Air Chilled, all Natural “Mary’s Chicken’s”, which you know means quality, you can’t beat the freshness and flavor. You can get them whole, cut in half, marinated, and vacuum sealed, or choose our rotisserie chickens, which are the best!

Our excellent fish selections come in fresh twice daily. To get it any fresher, you’ll have to fish for it yourself! Some of our local specials are salmon, snapper, sole, halibut, sea bass, and crab (local and in season). We also carry only fresh swordfish, ahi tuna, Chilean sea bass, and whatever else may be in season. Our shellfish includes shrimp, scallops, oysters, mussels, clams, lobster tails, live lobster, and crab upon request. We offer two complimentary marinades to accent your fish as well.



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The Fish Lady of Soquel

2510 Main Street
Soquel, CA 95073
United States
Phone Number:
(831) 475-6044
Mon-Sat 7am–9pm Sun Closed
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